Heal Your Past – Create Your Future

Does your life feel like it is spinning out of control? Do you find that you or your partner are engaging in unproductive behaviors that you can’t stop? Are past experiences keeping you fearful and unfulfilled in your life now? 

Getting support to heal old wounds is the first step in creating the life your heart desires. We'll work together to help you resolve past experiences and transofrm negative beliefs. You will be supported in finding the internal strength to reach your goals. 

EMDR Therapy may be utilized and has proven itself to be one of the most effective ways to get results for a variety of issues. It is an evidence based modality that helps your brain rewire synapses that no longer serve you.  Utilized to heal trauma for years, it is now used for treating addictions, phobias, anxiety and depression as well as performance and relationship issues.  It helps resolve past experiences by desensitizing triggers, reprocessing emotions, and installing positive beliefs. 


Sometimes your spouse is not ready or willing to come to therapy but there is still something you can do. Many problems in relationships are rooted in issues that predate the relationship.  These patterns can keep you stuck and, no matter how hard you try, they seem impossible to change.  By desensitizing disturbing memories, reprocessing the emotions tied to them and installing healthier beliefs, new behaviors emerge.  Things that used to drive you crazy are handled calmly and rationally.  Circular arguments are no longer an issue because you are not triggered and make better choices.  You can be at peace with your relationship and make clear decisions.

Compulsive Behaviors:

We all want to feel good.  Unfortunately, some of our brains are wired to believe that certain substances or behaviors are the only way to get that feeling.  The feeling may be excitement, comfort, safety, or love. If the behavior is linked to the feeling it can become compulsive if repeated and reinforced over time.  The link is strengthened every time the behavior is used to get the feeling…even after it becomes ineffective.  It is challenging to give up something that feels good without replacing it with something better.  Desensitizing the positive feeling state associated with the addiction and replacing it with healthier alternatives that create a similar feeling are beneficial in breaking the cycle.  Rituals, beliefs and triggers associated with the use or behavior are addressed and then replaced with better coping skills to construct new neural pathways.  Positive beliefs and future visions are installed to strengthen the new synapses. 

Anxiety and Depression:

Fears, worries and sadness are often triggered by unresolved memories from our past.  Sometimes we don’t even realize it, but there are earlier events that are causing our imbalances now.  It may not be something that seems big to someone else but it is stuck in our brain and is causing problems.  Here is a recent success: A client who was criticized as a child felt hopeless that he would not be able to find a good job or loving partner.  He ate too much because he felt fearful that he would not be able to realize his dream and was overweight as a result.  This made him feel worse so he ate even more and stopped exercising on a regular basis.  This pattern stemmed from his belief that he was not good enough because his parents were overly harsh with him from a young age.  EMDR was utilized to reprocess old memories, identify how he would like to think about himself now and install the experience of success in the areas that were most important to him.  As a result, he is no longer triggered into feeling like a failure, he has more self-confidence and positive experiences continue to build as he believes in himself. 

EMDR Brochure

EMDR Brochure

You can learn more about EMDR on the website:  http://www.emdria.org/


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