Date with Confidence

Perhaps you're new to dating after being married for a long time, or have been single so long that you're discouraged. Many of us have had past relationships that left us fearful to re-engage in the dating world. Are you afraid time is running out and you have not met your life partner?  Are you concerned about finding the right fit for you? Are you tired of wasting time dating duds?  There is more you can do to attract your loving mate!

You may worry that meeting the right partner is about finding the best dating site, posting the most attractive profile picture or creating the perfect write up. You may also think that if you were in better shape, bought better clothes or drove a fancier car that would do the trick.  Perhaps you’ve tried singles events, dating services, friend referrals or the million other ways people meet each other.  While these things may help attract a potential partner, if you are not emotionally ready to be in a loving, committed relationship, they will be useless.

You can do all the dating in the world and not connect with the right person if you are not emotionally ready. Healing unresolved issues, negative beliefs, or low self-esteem are necessary so nothing is holding you back.

Attract the Loving Partner You Deserve

Finding the right partner can improve your quality of life tenfold.  Unfortunately, choosing the wrong partner can be equally problematic. You may have found yourself attracted to the same type of people with similar outcomes.

Many times we are attracted to people who remind us of someone in our past…even if we do not recognize it at first.  That flare of strong attraction is usually a signal that this person somehow aligns with lessons to be learned based on our past. Sometimes the electricity you feel is their woundedness connecting with your heart. If you have unresolved grief or anger from a previous relationship or childhood, we can address these so you can bring clarity to your new relationship. Attracting someone who is stable and emotionally available is possible. 

If you don't get help, the same thing is bound to occur…nothing…or worse, falling into old patterns.  If you take action, the chances increase you will find the love of your life and be in a satisfying relationship.

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